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30 Special Climbing Gifts For Rock Climbers

Buying gifts for rock climbers is a daunting task as some climbers can be very picky. Thus, here are the special climbing gifts for rock climbers.

The fiery desire and passion for scaling intimidating heights are deeply ingrained in the veins of passionate climbers worldwide.

No wonder even immerse adversity such as the pandemic still did little to prevent passionate avid climbers from doing what they love best. For the climbing community, this is a norm; scaling heights even in the most unexpected condition. 

You perfectly can relate to this if you have a loved one who passionately loves climbing.

You can also tell that it is pretty hard to spend time with them, except you enjoy scaling mountainous heights yourself. So, every moment spent with them is precious truly precious. 

Hence, to deeply express your feelings for such ones, you most likely would want to opt for a lovely yet memorable climbing gift you can offer to your passionate climbing loved ones.

A gift that will inspire them to smile beautifully and be reminded of the unforgettable times you both have enjoyed. 

30 Distinctive Climbing Gifts for Rock Climbers

Your mind most likely could have been flooded by lots of gifts, which could be the perfect gifts? Well, you need no bother about the perfect gift to gift your loved ones who are passionate climbers.

Below are 30 perfect distinctive climbing gifts you can gift your loved ones.

30. World Nomads Travel Insurance

I bet of all the gifts that crossed your minds; travel insurance did not make it. 

But I assure you, this will make your loved ones beam with so much smile and joy. The World Nomads Travel Insurance is perfect as your loved ones travel worldwide, climbing to various destinations. 

Be it the Yosemites in the US, the Fontainebleau in France, Zermatt in Switzerland, Rockland’s in South Africa, or the Dolomites in Italy, your loved ones’ travel can rest assured they have any traveling emergencies covered. 

The downside to this is that it is pretty expensive, but that is a fair price to pay for your loved ones. 

So, for your adventurous loved ones who are passionate about climbing, travel insurance could be the perfect gift that constantly makes them reminded of beautiful memories spent together.

29. National Climbing Park Pass

Though this may be limited in use, a national climbing park pass could be just that gift that makes your loved ones beam in delight. 

Often, these gifts cost little, but they are just as perfect as any other unique gifts for climbers.

A single park pass of $80 gives access to several parks managed by the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, and Fish and Wildlife Service. 

This gift is perfect only if the climber you wish to gift does a lot of outdoor climbing.

A climbing pass beats paying entrance fees to a national climbing pass, as entrance fees typically cost between $25 – $30. So, two to three visits to any national park with a climbing pass pay for themselves.

28. Five Ten Guide Tennie Approach Shoes

Climbing Gift

For climbers, hiking distances before getting a climbing route is the norm. These hikes distance ranges from moderately long distances to long distances, and routes could be smooth or filled with steely hills.

Hence a good approach shoe is important, as it’ll keep the climber in great shape for the climb and prevent injuries.

Gifting your climber loved one an approach shoe is a good idea. However, the sort of approach shoe you choose to gift the climber can be a challenge.

Several approach shoes exist, but a durable, comfortable approach shoe will definitely make your climber loved ones truly appreciative. 

The approach shoe that fits that is none other than the Five Ten Tennie Guide approach shoe. The Five Ten atenie Guide approach shoe is made of entirely leather and has a synthetic sole material and a lace-up closure type. 

Its Stealth C4 Dotty outsole makes it ideal for treading on multiple surfaces, with its compression molded outsole providing comfort.

27. Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

Climbing Gift

Climbing comes with its risks. Those risks are either mitigated or intensified by a climber’s preparation. Thus, climbers must be fully geared up on every climbing expedition, especially outdoor climbing.

Of the gears important in outdoor climbing, the climbing helmet ranks among the most important.

This comes as no surprise, as the helmet shields climbers from loose rocks falling from heights, and in case of slips or falls, the climber’s head is protected.

As a result, gifting your climbing loved one a good climbing helmet would not only show you appreciate the climber but also shows that you care about the climber’s safety. 

The Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet boasts a durable ABS shell, which guarantees protection and EPS foam for comfort. This helmet is one of the few cheap gifts you can gift climbers but still presents immerse value. 

28. Garmin Inreach Mini Satellite Communicator

Climbing Gift

One of the regular occurrences that every avid climber is familiar with is the inability to communicate with the outside world due to network issues in remote climbing routes. 

To combat this, climbers, who regularly climb in remote places, often are equipped with satellite communicators.

Gifting your loved ones who are avid climbers a satellite communicator would be truly appreciated as it no doubt be one of the unique gifts the climber most likely has been gifted. 

The  Garmin Inreach Mini Satellite Communicator is the satellite communicator to gift your loved one.

The satellite communicator comes with a location tracking and sharing feature, which allows climbers to share location with loved ones, a feature that could be life-saving in emergency cases. 

Hence, gifting your loved ones who are passionate climbers will speak volumes about how much you care about them.

26. Black Diamond Creek Backpack

For climbers who engage in climbing expeditions that last days, a climbing backpack is an integral gear.

Majorly for storing important gears, a backpack’s durability can make the climbing expedition a memorable one or a disappointing one.

Imagine hiking with a porous backpack in the rain. All equipment and gears are bound to get wet, thus, making you ill-prepared for the strenuous climbing expedition. Hence it’s important climbers use a good backpack. 

Thus gifting climbers, a backpack would be great. The Black Diamond Creek backpack, which comes in 20, 35, and 50 L, is their perfect bag as it fits as a haul bag and can be worn comfortably.

Its rope ties, integrated pockets, alongside zipper, and a strong carry handle at the top.  Most importantly, it boasts durable waterproof shell fabrics.

25. REI Half Dome 2 Plus Tent

Another important gear when climbing outdoors, especially for days, is the tent. For mountaineers, the need for climbing rent can not be underemphasized.

Majorly for protection against elements, the climbing tent gives the much-needed warmth and temporary shelter, where crags and caves are unavailable. 

Gifting your loved one who is fascinated by climbing a tent would be a fantastic gift, as tents are one of the most basic gears rock climbers need but often fail to purchase.

Gifting the climber a durable tent such as the REI Half Dome 2 Plus Tent would be great as it boasts of an improved pole architecture, with livable space, vestibules, 2 large doors, pockets, and hang loops in the interior, and ceiling vents. 

This tent is of top quality, as it was inducted into the Editors’ Choice 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame by Backpacker magazine in 2018.

24. Joshua Tree Climbing Salve

A basic gear, but still as important as any other climbing gear, the importance of a climbing Salve cannot be underestimated, especially for outdoor climbing. 

This is mainly because the tools of climbings leave a climber’s hand with scaps, calluses, cut, and dried. Hence, the recuperative power of a climbing salve is much needed.

Joshua Tree climbing salve, which was first introduced over ten years ago, was made by climbers for climbers and thus is the best salve to gift your loved ones who are passionate climbers. 

Joshua Climbing Salve is very affordable but still boasts of immense value, as it leaves the climber’s hand in a good and fresh state.

23. Custom sunglasses

Another basic yet important gear for climbers which climbers fail to purchase is the sunglass.

An important gear that comes in handy when making the tiring hike to the climbing route, a sunglass is indeed valuable in its period of urgent need. 

Sungod Custom Sunglasses ranks as one of the leading choices for rock climbers largely because it is durable, and a customized pair designed to fit the taste of whoever you wish to gift can be ordered online.

Coupled with the fact that it remains in good condition in the rain, it ranks as one of the cheapest yet unique gifts that can be offered to a rock climber.

22. All season Jacket

One of the most important things climbers co Sider as they scale insurmountable heights is often their choice of clothing. Most climbers prefer it light, fitting.

But the clothes to put on while making the hike to the climbing route are given little attention. 

For outdoor climbing, clothing worn while approaching the climbing route is just as important as the clothing worn while climbing.

This is mainly because if a climber doesn’t adequately dress to fit the weather while hiking, the climbing experience may be totally marred. Imagine hiking in the snow, with the weather chilling, without a jacket. 

For this reason, gifting your loved ones, who are climbing fanatics, an all-season Jacket such as the Patagonia Nano Puff, which is windproof, water-resistant, and warm, would be truly appreciated.

As you can tell, it doesn’t necessarily have to be worn only in a cold climate but serves the same purpose every season.

21. Climbing Tee

Still, on climbing clothing, one of the unique gifts you can gift a climber is a climbing Tee.

As the climber most likely has received lots of climbing tees, this may not be surprising, but what you’re gifting isn’t just a climbing thing; it is customized. 

A customized climbing Tee that shows the climber’s name or a customized picture of the climber would be lovely, as every time he stands gallantly at the summit of a route and look down his tee, the climber’s heart most likely would beam with so much pride. 

20.  Hippy Dippy Yoga Pants

Climbing Gift

This unique climbing gift is perfect for your climbing enthusiasts who doubles as environmentally friendly darlings. 

Though not exactly a good outfit to put on while climbing, this harem pant is great to rock after a long climbing session, on the beach, and during yoga sessions. The pants are so free, comfortable, and well aerated.

It will be great to add these pants to the list of unique gifts you plan on gifting your climbing buddies as a percentage of the sale of each pair of pants goes to the Laos Conservation Center endangered Asian elephants.

19. Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Bucket 

One of the few important things essential to a wonderful climbing experience is the climbing chalk.

But often, climbers get all immersed in packing other important gears; small yet essential gear like the chalk is left behind. This is especially true for climbers who do not carry chalk around their waist.

For this reason, a chalk bucket remains one of the unique gifts a climber can be gifted. The Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Bucket is one of the best chalk bags, which you could gift your loved ones who are enthusiastic about climbing. 

The chalk bag boasts a magnetic closure, where it houses the chalk, and a zipper closure for accouterments such as mobile phones or satellite communicators, keys, and others.

Brush holders are also included for housing brushes of different sizes.

18. Trango Rock Prodigy Fingerboard

For climbers, the importance of Fingerboards can not be underemphasized. When scaling heights or holding on to boulders, finger strength, determines how long climbers can hold.

Fingerboards, in fact, are a norm for climbers, as during and off climbing season, climbers are often training with them. Thus, it would be best if you gifted a durable and easy-to-install fingerboard to climbers.

One of the most durable and easy-to-install fingerboards you can gift is the Trango Rock Prodigy Fingerboard, which boasts an ergonomic and 2-piece design.

It also comes with a Rock Prodigy Trainer App for Android and iOS devices, keeping track of your training. 

17. Friction Labs Chalk

If you are going to gift your loved ones who are climbing enthusiasts a chalk bag, it is only reasonable that chalk accompanied the gift. 

Definitely, you will want to gift quality gifts only, and for chalks for climbing, the Friction Labs Chalk ranks high in quality.

You can place maximum trust in Friction Lab Chalk as it was created by athletes who understand the immerse benefit and effect of chalk wherever it is used.

As revealed by its specs on Amazon, Friction Labs Chalk boast high purity magnesium carbonate, which absorbs moisture excellently.

16. Luci Base Light Solar Lantern

For outdoor climbers, majorly those who engage in climbing expeditions that last days, light is essential. Imagine being stuck in a crag without light in the dark. Unsafe, right? 

Hence, a device as basic as a collapsible solar lantern is one of the most ideal and unique gifts you can gift your loved ones who love climbing.

This eco-friendly device is moderately priced and can be flattened to fit into a moderately sized backpack. On a single charge, the Luci Base Light Solar Lantern would give about 50 hours of illumination.

Another wonderful feature that makes this device ideal for climbers is that it can charge mobile devices. Awesome, right?

15. Rock Rings

As you may have come to notice, gifting rock climbers, climbing gears, and training equipment is really a big deal.

Not because these gifts are huge, but because for non-climbing enthusiasts like yourself, gifting your loved ones who are climbing enthusiasts shoes just how much you care about them and their interests. 

One of the unique gears rock climbers can be gifted from a non-climbing darling like yourself are rock rings. Most likely, this may be the first time you’ve heard of rock rings.

It is nothing expensive, but just a basic portable training tool used to finger strength a d a climber’s upper body. 

Rock rings are kind of similar to fingerboards in that they essentially can be used for the same training exercise, but with a rock ring, the design is different, and the focus isn’t on finger strength.

The Metolius Rock Rings 3D is one of the best out there and is, in fact, recommended. It is small enough to be packed along with other gear and can be hanged on different surfaces. 

14. Water Flask

One mistake, which has been pointed out multiple times in this article, is that rock climbers take along the most important gears while leaving behind essential gears, which are as crucial as those packed.

This, most times, leads to a horrible climbing experience. Hence, it is not out of place to gift your loved ones who are climbing darlings a simple gift as a water Flask, as it comes in handy during an exhausting climb or afterward. 

A good choice is the hydro flask water bottle, which is a better option than plastic water bottles, as it reduces the climber’s plastic footprint on climbing routes, which is a good thing. 

Another factor that makes a hydro flask water bottle a safe choice is how well it keeps water temperature in check.

The hydro flask water bottle can keep water ice-cold for up to 24 hours, and hot water, wickedly hot for about 12 hours. This thus makes it a really safe choice. 

13. Microfibre Drying Towel

Who goes on a climbing expedition, thinking about drying towels? Well, the most prepared climber does because almost every gear matters, to the smallest.

And not just any towel is needed; a quick-drying microfiber towel is ideal. Whether climbers are drenched or profusely sweating, a quick-drying towel is necessary. 

A safe choice is the ACTIVE ROOTS Microfiber Travel Towel, which is lightweight, absorbent, and available in multiple sizes.

Purchasing this towel wouldn’t just be benefitting the climber you plan to gift. Still, mother nature, as a portion of each purchase is donated to support the elephant sanctuary in Luang Prabang.

12. Scratch Map

What good does a scratch Map do to a climber? For adventurous climbers, it helps them keep track of climbing expeditions across countries in the world.

For this reason, a scratch Map would be truly appreciated by any climber who is gifted such.

You may wonder that a scratch Map is too little a gift, but remember, the pleasure lies not in the gift, but the intentions, which would make your loved ones who are avid climbers appreciate it.

11. Portable First Aid Kit

An odd gift, you may say, but in climbing, especially outdoor climbing, the chances of sustaining injuries are constant, and every climber who attempts to ascend every height is well aware of this, and thus they come prepared.

Gifting your loved ones who are climbing enthusiasts a portable first aid kit containing the right medications and gears for treating scrapes, burns, cuts, swells, and pains would be appreciated.

This unique gift isn’t just a gift; it expresses how much you love them and cares about their safety, making it one of the best unique gifts a rock climber can be gifted.

This kit is a good choice as it measures 9.25 x 2.88 x 7 inches which are portable and weigh 1 pound. 

10. Sun Screen

One of the cons of outdoor climbing is the effect the fiery arrows of the sun UV ray have on a climber’s body. To mitigate the sun UV rays’ effect on their skins, climbers often use sunscreen, proving effective.

This, thus, makes sunscreen one of the unique gifts a climber can be gifted. Of the several multiple sunscreens available, those produced by Climbskin specifically fit the tastes of climbers, as it was designed that way.

Thus, purchasing any of the sunscreens available will make a unique gift for rock climbers.

9. Climbing Gym Passes

Climbing gym Passes may seem to be an ordinary gift, but a short-term member passing to a well-equipped gym in the neighborhood is indeed a unique and valuable gift for any avid climber.

This is primarily because climbers need to hone skills, perfect techniques, and build strength before attempting rigorous ascents. The climbing gym is just the ideal place to do all that. 

Due to that, whether a climber prefers outdoor climbs to indoor climbs, visiting the climbing gym is more like a prerequisite to perfecting his climbing prowess.

Hence, a gift such as a short-time membership pass or a punch pass would make an excellent gift for your loved ones who are crazy about climbing.

8. Petzl Grigri 2 Belay Device

Belay Device

An essential gear required in almost every type of climbing, belay devices are often gifted to climbers who have expertly perfected their climbing prowess or are intermediate.

This is primarily because such climbers engage in outdoor climbing, which presents the most risks, and thus, gears to prevent accidents, such as the belay devices, come into play.

For climbers, belay devices from reliable manufacturers are appreciated. Hence a Petzl Grigri 2 belay device is a safety treasure, not just because it is reliable but largely due to its versatility and its use in various types of climbing.

7. Organic Crash Pad 

One of the least gifts a climber expects to be offered, but the organic Crash Pad is one of the best and most unique needs of a climber, especially climbers who avidly climb indoors and in their homes.

This is primarily because of how integral crash passes are to indoor climbers and climbers who are just starting out. 

Hence, a crash pad would make a unique gift. The Organic Crash Pad is an incredible choice when looking to gift crash passes to your loved ones who are crazy about climbing.

The crash pad boasts of a 36″ x 48″ landing surface, a 24″ x 15″ pocket flap to contain your gears, as well as mental buckles, which makes it easy to close the flaps downs when hiking.

These features and several more make the Organic CrashPad a worthy, unique gift for climbers.

6. The Power Company Climbing Training Programs

For climbing of any skill level, advancing climbing prowess is always a constant. Be it how fast they want to climb, a particular technique they wish to master, improving grip or strength, every climber never wants to be at the same skill level for a long time. As a result, climbers follow a rigorous training pattern.

But most times, these training patterns follow washed-up training other climbers have adopted, which may not be entirely effective.

But with a training program duly followed, becoming a seasoned adept climber, which is every avid climber’s wish, is the thing that would be achievable in a matter of time.

Thus, one of the best training programs you can gift a climber is The Power Company Climbing Training Program, which is highly revealed and boasts some of the most experienced minds in climbing.

Though majorly tailored for bouldering, you could get other training plans that fit the climber’s discipline you wish to gift.

5. Roam Master Class Subscription

For Rock climbers, nothing beats learning new information, majorly about climbing, that could help improve their climbing and make a lasting impression on the climbing world. 

Roam, an educational platform that majorly focuses on adventure content provides all this in its Master Class.

Gifting your loved ones who are passionate about climbing, a Roam Master Class solution is ideal as it provides a new channel for more information on rock climbing, and who knows, through that medium, the climber gifter could make a historic first ascent, which would be a huge feat, made possible thanks to you.

You can gift a Roam Master Class Subscription to climbers of different skill sets.

4. Grip strength trainer

To be a successful and seasoned rick climber, one thing to consider is grip strength. Most climbers have come to realize this; no wonder they engage in rigorous climber sessions with hang boards to build their finger’s grip strength. 

However, to see, to rapidly develop finger strength, it is best you make use of a Grip strength trainer.

The PRO HANDS Gripmaster, one of the best grip strength trainers available, beginner climbers and young climbers can use, and those advanced in age are an ideal choice.

With this grip strength trainer, climbers can exercise each finger individually and monitor their progress using tension levels. 

3. Climbing Shoe

Evolv Defy Climbing Gift

In climber, few gears okay a significant role in the success of the climb, as much as the climbing shoe. Over the years, more and more climbers have realized this, and thus investment in quality climbing shoes by climbers has increased.

For this reason, gifting your loved ones who are crazy about climbing a climbing shoe from one of the best and trusted names in the industry, which fits their skill set, would be truly appreciated.

However, choosing the shoes to gift is a challenge, as climbing shoes are typically designed for climbing disciplines and a climber’s skill set.

Hence, it would be best to choose a climbing shoe that fits the discipline and the skillset of the climber you wish to gift.

2. Climbing gift package

A climbing gift package? That sounds so foreign, you may wonder. But it isn’t. In the course of this list, multiple gifts have been discussed, and you most likely may pick a few of these gifts. 

However, for the sake of variety, you can gift your loved ones who love climbing a climbing gift package that contains assortments of some of the gifts discussed here. 

You could choose a few of these gifts, which would make a lovely, unique gift for a climber.

1. Camera

Imagine your loved ones who love climbing so much, at the summit of a route, yet to be ascended by any other climber. Face beaming with smiles, mouth screaming in joy, hands waving in happiness.

This is just what climbers feel when they reach the summit of any route, but those thrilling moments could be memories they can only speak about, not shown to the world if they do not capture them.

For this reason, a camera is one of every climber’s much-needed gear. And not just any camera, but a high-performance one, which can easily be moved.

None other than the GoPro Hero9 Black

Made by one of the leading names in the camera industry, the GoPro Hero9 Black gives stunning image quality, and its stabilization technology is terrific. It also comes armed with a 32 GB SD card, spare battery, and camera case. 

No doubt, this is one of the best unique gifts any climber can receive, as it’s not handed out as gifts most times, and it is treasured.


With this compilation of various special gifts for rock climbers, we hope we have made it easier for you to gift that special climber in your life.

Please let us know your thoughts on our best climbing gifts for rock climbers in the comments section below.

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