Benefits Of Rock Climbing For Kids

6 Astounding Benefits Of Rock Climbing For kids

As parents, you are always searching for a new type of physical activity for your kids to engage in. Are you often searching for activities that will help your kids get stronger and gain confidence?

Rock climbing is your go-to. But first, you should know the benefits of rock climbing for kids.

What are the benefits of rock climbing for kids? Since the inception of modern-day climbing in the late 19th century, adults have dominated rock climbing.

Despite the evolution of rock climbing, and the invention of rock climbing gear and rock climbing disciplines that have made climbing safer, the influx of young climbers, majorly kids, has not been encouraging.

Rock Climbing For Kids

The dwindling number of kids in rock climbing can be attributed to how intimidating and risky it is. But with the invention of indoor climbing routes, i.e., bouldering problems, specifically designed for kids.

This rock climbing discipline, which features fewer challenges, in a bid to reduce the risk and difficulty of rock climbing, have still not appealed to kids.

While most kids, in general, may not exceptionally be interested in rock climbing, a good number of kids today have turned to the sport. Most likely fuelled by an idol, such as the case of British climber, Shauna Coxsey.

He began climbing at the tender age of four; after watching French climber, Catherine Destivelle climbs on television. Kids who have embraced rock climbing have grasped the incredible benefits of maximally climbing at a tender age.

Benefits Of Rock Climbing For Kids

Rock climbing is a great sport besides having a whole lot of fun while at it. It also has a lot of mental, physical, and social benefits for kids.

Reviewed in this article are some of the essential benefits of rock climbing for kids.

1. Concentration

With the rapid rise of technology, most kids’ attention has been captivated by electronics games, which have harmed their engagement. Rock climbing serves as one remedy to rescue kids’ concentration from tech devices.

As a kid learns to climb, he inculcates the essential elements of rock climbing in his mind, of which patience and attention rank high.

In a bid to reach the summit of their climbing route, kids would have to develop this quality, and with constant practice, this quality becomes a part of them. This is one of the vital benefits of rock climbing for kids.

2. Confidence

Even for adults climbers, especially beginner climbers, climbing-specific routes can be incredibly intimidating. For kids, it’s no different.

Though climbing routes for kids stand moderately high, it still presents a difficult challenge to the kid, which can be intimidating.

As kids repeatedly try, with the guidance of a climbing guide, their confidence grows. Their enthusiasm is further boosted when they reach the summit of their climbing routes.

As kids battle and conquer other challenging routes, their skills improve, and confidence not just grows, but stays with them.

3. Improved problem-solving skills

At the early stage of their life, kids tend to grasps information better, and few activities, including academics activities, equip kids with the right problem-solving skills at such age.

Rock climbing at a tender age is one of the very few activities that help build kids’ cognitive problem-solving abilities.

The assistance of an experienced climbing guide and a creative approach to overcoming challenges on the climbing route help kids have an enjoyable climbing session.

An enjoyable climbing session with creative learning not only keep kids eager to climb but also put them in the right mental state to overcome challenges not just on the climbing routes, but also in other pursuits.

The developed problem-solving skill will prove invaluable to kids’ academics and approach to life’s challenges.

4. Strength and Flexibility

For every climber, young and old, climbing is about power and Flexibility. Depending on the difficulty of the climbing route, climbers have to exert more or less strength.

For kids, climbing routes are designed to require a small amount of power. As kids climb, they do not just utilize the force; they develop more.

As kids ascend the climbing route, the muscles’ movement, a full-body workout, improves metabolism, pushing the body beyond its limit.

The forearms and legs’ movement techniques also make muscles and ligaments less stiff and open to movement.

5. Coordination

The same amount of concentration and focus adopted by adults in making the right move in rock climbing is the same for kids. It improves hand foot and eye coordination.

As kids ascend the climbing route, their focus lies on the best movement for easy ascension. However, kids may make a frequent bad judgment, resulting in falls (safe landing is assured with no injury, as climbing gyms have dense crash pads).

Constant practice will help such kids develop coordination in deciding the next series of movements for easy ascension.

6. Fun

For kids, the ideal definition of fun translates to watching beloved cartoons, TV shows, or online games. Thus, explaining to them the fun in rock climbing may be challenging, so the best decision is to experience it themselves.

The intimidation and scare kids feel when they ascend a climbing route for the first time is replaced by the exhilaration that comes from standing at the summit.

Kids may not embrace rock climbing for a lifestyle, it still pays to show them that fun lies outside games and television.

How To Sign Kids Up For Rock Climbing

With the abundance of climbing gyms across major cities globally, signing kids up for rock climbing is as easy as shopping for their favorite toys.

Most climbing gyms have facilities and gear for kids, so it’s as easy as inquiring about their kids’ rock climbing program.

Climbing gyms often have programs for kids during the school term and during g holidays, so feel free to sign your kids up for any which fit into their schedule.

As your kids’ interest in rock climbing develops, building a rock climbing wall in your home is also a good idea.


Some other benefits of rock climbing for kids may include; Development of communication and listening skills in kids. It is a sure great stress relief for kids.

Note: Children under the age of 14 must be under the supervision of an adult chaperone at all times.


Please let us know your thoughts on the benefits of rock climbing for kids in the comments section below.

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