Best Bouldering Chalk Buckets

5 Best Bouldering Chalk Bucket: Review & Buying Guide

Here is a review of the best bouldering chalk bucket.

Bouldering requires a vast array of gears( shoes, bags, ropes, hang boards, etc) but chalk ranks as one of the most important. Introduced by American mathematician and bouldering pioneer John Gill, chalk played an integral in advancing modern climbing.

American quarterly mountaineering magazine, Alpinist describes Gill’s introduction of chalk in rock climbing as “the beginning of modern climbing in America.”

While the importance of chalk in climbing is often emphasized, the chalk bucket receives little attention, despite the significant role it plays in climbing.

Often used for holding climber’s chalks, the lack of attention given to chalk buckets often makes climbers make poor choices when choosing this gear.

As a result of this, chalks tend to be wasted, and at times may not be enough for climber’s use.

In light of this, Climbing Apex reveals in insightful details the best climbing gears available, the various types of chalk buckets available, and the best bouldering chalk bucket.

This article aims to help climbers make effective choices in choosing the best bouldering chalk bucket and they may not all necessarily be listed in this article.

Types Of Closure Systems In Chalk Bucket

In choosing the best bouldering chalk buckets, climbers have to consider the closure system of these buckets, as it lays a significant role in preventing chalk wastage.

Revealed below are the four closure systems in chalk buckets.

1. Drawstring

An unorthodox closure system, the drawstring is a fabric circle that opens and closes by pulling a string attached. Due to the use of strings, after tightening them, there still exists a small hole through which chalks could escape.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for chalk buckets that feature a drawstring closure system to have a second drawstring or another closure system, and in some instances, it could be a zipper.

2. Velcro

Specific chalk buckets make use of the Velcro closure system, which provides mixed results. The Velcro closure system still leaves a bit of exposure for chalk escape, but it always does an excellent job in sealing the chalk buckets.

3. Roll-top

One of the best closure systems, the roll-top closure system provides a secure closure with little room leakage. The brim of the bucket is repeatedly folded, then looked and finally secured with the Roll-top.

This closure system, which was inspired by dry bags, can still give chalk escape when irregularities are noted in the chalk buckets’ brim.

4. Zipper

To be partial, I’d say the zipper is the best closure system. It gives little room for exposure. Hence, wastage is curbed.

Aside from effectively preventing chalk wastage, it can be quickly closed and open.

Best Bouldering Chalk Buckets

With the types of closure covered, listed below in descending order are our best bouldering chalk buckets. These chalk buckets were chosen based on their closure system, design, material, and comfort.

5. Mammut Magic Boulder Chalk Bag

Mammut Magic Boulder Chalk Bag/ Best Bouldering Chalk Bucket

When it comes to design, the Mammut Magic Boulder Chalk Bag scores high. The bag features both the drawstring and zipper closure system. When closed, the Mammut stays flat, but it sits to reveal its cylindrical shape when it opens.

The flatform takes when closed, making it easy to be packed with other gears. The Mammut fabric is stiff, thus making it difficult to fill with different kits, as it doesn’t crumble.

The two closure system makes it difficult for chalk to be well secured. After the zipper lies the drawstring that runs longer than the bucket, chalk tends to be on the wrong side of the drawstring, leading to wastage.

Despite that, the design of the Mammut makes up for its closure forthcoming.

Product Features

  • Closure: Drawstring & Zip
  • Pockets: 0
  • Brush Slots: 1

4. Metolius Dust Bin

Metolius Dust Bin

The cheapest bucket on our list, the Metolius, is circular and boasts of two closure systems, the drawstring and velcro closure system. The design of the Metolius gives room for accommodating other smaller accouterments such as brushes.

It also has two pockets, each featuring the Velcro closure system. The Metolius design makes it the bucket crimp, thus making it easier to accommodate with other gears.

Product Features

  • Closure: Drawstring & Velcro
  • Pockets: 2 Velcro
  • Brush Slots: 8

3. Organic Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket

Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket

This cylindrical bucket made from nylon, the Organic Lunch Bag, is often used for bouldering. Not specifically designed for bouldering, the Lunch Bag’s colorful look makes it a suitable choice for bouldering.

It features a Velcro closure system and one pocket with zipper closure. The depth of the bucket is enough for the hands to reach in easily. However, the Velcro closure leaves a bit of space for chalk escape.

Product Features

  • Closure: Velcro & Roll
  • Pockets: 1 Zip
  • Brush Slots: 2

2. Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot

Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot

Black Diamond’s Mondo is truly unique compared to most chalk buckets. The Mondo features a magnetic closure system that secures the chalk, even if it’s bent over.

But climbers have to repeatedly open the bucket whenever they need to chalk, as the Mondo close immediately climber remove their hands. It has two pockets, each with zipper closure.

For a bucket with an effective closure system, the Mondo goes at a reasonable price.

Product Features

  • Closure: Magnetic & Roll
  • Pockets: 2 Zip
  • Brush Slots: 2

1. DMM Edge Boulder Chalk Bag

DMM Edge Boulder Chalk Bag

Our top pick scores high in design, color, and closure. The Edge features the drawstring closure system, but unlike other most buckets that feature the drawstring closure, the Edge does not feature another different closure system.

Instead, the Edge features two drawstrings closure. The incorporation of two drawstring closure makes the Edge a top performer in securing chalk. The Edge has two pockets, each with a different closure system, Velcro and zipper.

The pockets are large enough to contain accouterments, such as a smartphone. In all, the Edge is a top choice for climbers, but the price stands as a significant downside.

Product Features

  • Closure: Double Drawstring
  • Pockets: 1 Zip, 1 Velcro
  • Brush Slots: 2


In conclusion, the essential use of a chalk bucket is to ensure your chalk is stashed safe and simple to access. We hope you enjoyed this article.

What are your thoughts about our best bouldering chalk bucket? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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