Gifts For Rock Climbers

10 Best Unique Gifts For Rock Climbers

With the holidays fast approaching, the closely bound, cult-like community of rock climbers may break the annual ritual of celebrating the holidays while recounting the thrilling climbing expeditions engaged during the year.

While climbers may not converge in multitudes, due to the raging novel coronavirus disease, the common practice of sharing gifts would undoubtedly continue. That, thus, presents the challenge of picking the best gifts for rock climbers.

Gifts For Rock Climbers

Buying gifts for rock climbers is a daunting task as some climbers can be very picky with regards to their gears. Thus, Climbing Apex presents the best gifts for rock climbers.

10. Drawn, the Art of Ascent

The emotional tales of climbers, who have experienced climbing tragedies, yet, courageously embraced climbing, can be a source of motivation. Drawn, the Art of Ascent, written by the firefighter, Jeremy Collins, is one such book.

Collins highlights the pain he experienced after losing a dear friend in a climbing accident but went ahead with several first ascents in Canada, China, Venezuela, and the US.

This book is a perfect gift for beginners and advanced climbers alike. Apart from the inspiring story, which could infuse fresh impetus in a climber’s will to ascend heights, this book’s excellent climbing spots could be the reader’s next stop.

9. Alone on the Wall

Gifts For Rock Climbers

Nothing beats learning from the stories of the best. Alone on the Wall, Alex Honnold’s book gives insight into his seven notable ascents, highlighting details not limited to free soloing but climbing in general.

This book doesn’t just offer Honnold’s experience, but also that of veteran climber and accomplished author, David Robert.

A must-read book for every climber, gifting climbers this book can further reinforce the passion for scaling heights.

Though perfect for both advanced and beginner climbers, this book is ideal for beginner climbers, as it can additionally add to the vast motivations to persist in rock climbing. Know more about Alex Honnold’s biography.

8. The Push: A Climber’s Journey of Endurance, Risk, and Going Beyond Limits

Gifts for Rock Climbers

This intriguing book sums up the exciting climbing life of Tommy Caldwell, one of the best climbers in the world.

Written in a manner, which helps readers connect to his struggles, the book presents Tommy as just an ordinary man, with an inextinguishable zeal and iron-clad determination to ascend heights.

Tommy recounts his widely publicized kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan by militants while on a climbing expedition with other climbers, and how he struggled for eight years before completing the first free ascent of the Dawn wall in 19 days.

The book further gives insight into Tommy’s other achievements and his family life. For climbers who are yet to read this book, gifting them would be a huge favor.

They’ll learn of the struggles faced by one of the biggest names in rock climbing, which could provide much-needed encouragement in battling with challenging routes. 

7. ClimbOn Original Bar Climbing Salve

Gifts for Rock Climbers

With multiple climbing routes existing in areas with harsh conditions, the skin’s effect can be disheartening. Thus, the need for a skin moisturizer.

ClimbOn Original Bar Climbing Salve is one of the best moisturizers that provide the right amount of nourishment that minimizes harsh conditions on climbers’ skins. You may wonder what makes ClimbOn Salve different from any other skin moisturizer.

Well, this Salve was made with climbers in mind. Unlike most salves that nourish the skin but soften the skin, ClimbOn nourishes without softening the skin, thus keeping the skin in good condition for climbing.

Gifting climbers, this Salve would be thoughtful, and when they see the effect, the appreciation would be magnificent. 

6. Five Ten Guide Approach Shoe

With so much focus on climbing shoes, little attention is given to approach shoes. That’s probably because everyone feels any shoe can be used for approaching routes.

How wrong. Well, that misconception can be corrected by gifting climbers this shoe. Like most approach shoes, this shoe comes with sticky rubber soles, ideal for terrains with steeps.

Approach shoes are made of leather, and the shoe comes with a padded tongue and a high friction synthetic sole, which keeps the feet comfortable. This is one of the fair gifts for rock climbers, this shoe can also be used for mountain biking.

5. TRANGO Rock Prodigy Training Center Hangboard

The significance of finger strength to climbing can not be overemphasized. This hangboard would be a quality gift that reflects your thoughtfulness and breaks free from gift gears’ norms.

The hangboard boasts of a gentle texture that provides comfort during practice. Its two individual pieces give climbers the freedom to hangboard at various should levels.

The uniformity in the dimension of all holds makes it ideal for climbers of all skill levels. 

 4. Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAH

Among the several challenges mountaineers and rock climbers who spend days climbing face, managing batteries of phones and other gadgets is one of the most common.

Hiluckey Solar Charger, which is dustproof and waterproof, is a perfect solution to low batteries. When fully charged, this 25000mAH power bank can charge phones up to 10 times and tablets, nine times, for nine days.

Its two USB ports make simultaneously charging possible.

While hiking, the solar charger can be charged by hooking its hanging hook to your backpacks.

3. Outdoor Research Men’s Ferrosi Hooded Jacket

As for climbers who love climbing outdoor, especially in routes with unpredictable weather, this jacket can be a perfect gift. Lightweight, breathable, weatherproof, this jacket meets the requirements for climbing clothing in chilling conditions.

Though it does a pretty lousy job keeping water out during the rain, its performance during drizzles and cold winds is commendable. A versatile jacket, it’s just the right clothing for chilling conditions. 

2. Climbskin Double-Sided Hand and Finger File

The fun part of climbing is often emphasized by climbing enthusiasts as exhilarating, but the body’s effect, mostly the fingers, isn’t stressed equally.

Please don’t blame them; the impact of rock climbing on the body is a little sacrifice compared to the fun.

Still, climbers have to deal with the effects. One of the most common effects of rock climbing is callouses on the hands. Filing callouses have proven to be the best way to manage them. Climb skin’s hand-made pocket-size file does that job entirely.

The well-balanced wood works well around the finger’s natural contours. It comes with six sandpapers, three smooth and three abrasives, with each replaceable.

Gifting this to climbers would break free from the common practice of gifting gears.

1. Climbing Gym Passes

This is one of the best gifts for rock climbers all over the world. Most gifts on this list involve buying climbing essentials, but this gift is unique in itself.

Gifting climbers’ gym passes of any duration will be thoroughly appreciated, as it’s relatively uncommon. Aside from gifting gym passes, you could give passes to popular climbing spots such as the Yosemite

This would be thoroughly appreciated as it’s every climber’s dream to climb in Yosemite. 


With this compilation of various unique gifts for rock climbers, we hope we have made it easier for you to gift that special climber in your life.

Please let us know your thoughts on our best gifts for rock climbers in the comments section below.

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