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Jimmy Chin is an American professional climber, photographer, and film director with Chinese roots.

He is recognized for his several climbing and exploratory expeditions, including his documented free solo climb on Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan and Meru Peak’s “Shark’s Fin” route in the Indian Himalayas.

Chin is also an accomplished photographer, taking several documented photos about nature atop rocks.

The beauty of his works has earned several spots in elite publications, including the Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, and National Geographic.

To wrap it up, Chin is an award-winning film director. Read on to see how much effort Jimmy Chin has exerted to reach such world-class status in this edition of climbing stars’ biographies.

Jimmy Chin’s Biography Facts

  • Full Name: Jimmy Chin
  • Born: October 12, 1973
  • Place of Birth: Mankato, Minnesota, United States
  • Height: 170 cm (5 ft 6 in)
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Partner: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
  • Occupation: Climber, film director, and photographer
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Net Worth: $1 million
  • Website: jimmychin.com

Jimmy Chin’s Career Summary

Jimmy Chin’s career began in 2001 when he organized climbing expeditions at the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan and signed a sponsorship deal with “The North Face.”

In 2003 National Geographic and Rick Ridgeway’s “The Big Open” book featured a 2002 climbing expedition where Chin and two other climbers crossed the Chang Tang Plateau in India.

A few months later, Chin and Stephen Koch almost died in an avalanche during an unsuccessful attempt at Mount Everest’s direct North Face route.

However, Chin successfully climbed Everest in another attempt with Ed Viesturs and David Breashears, helping the earlier climb all the world’s 8,000-meter peaks without oxygen after ascending Mt. Annapurna, Nepal, in 2005.

The Annapurna ascent was featured in Chin’s photographed article of the Men’s Journal’s September 2005 edition.
Chin completed his first ski attempt as he descended Mt. Everest in 2006, skiing from the summit through the Southeast Ridge Route.

Chin and his partners Kit DesLauriers and Rob DesLauriers became the first people to ski from the South East Ridge Route summit.

He joined “The Altitude Everest Expedition” as a climber and expedition photographer to re-track English Mountaineers’ Sandry Irvine and George Mallory’s last expedition up Mt. Everest’s North Face the following year.

Irvine and Mallory died in a climbing tour through the North Face Route, Mt. Everest, Nepal. Jimmy Chin has also participated in or organized several other climbing or skiing expeditions in Canada, Antarctica, West Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Jimmy Chin had begun his film-making career in 2003, under Rick Ridgeway. He also filmed for National Geographic, shooting the company’s “Deadly Fashion” Television Special.

In 2010, Chin, Renan Ozturk, and Tim Kemple founded the “Camp 4 Collective” Production Company, but Chin sold his vested shares to his co-founders four years later.

In 2011, Chin’s images appeared in Outside Magazine’s April Edition, National Geographic’s May Edition, and Climbing Magazine’s September Edition.

He co-directed the Reel Rock 7 in 2012; Reel Rock 7 narrated inspiring climbing stories, sandwiching action, humor, and enthusiasm. That year, he was named Outside Magazine’s Adventurer of the Year.

In 2015, Chin won the US Audience Documentary Award for his documentary “Meru,” which featured his 2011 ascent of Shark’s Fin Route, Meru in the Indian Himalayas.

Chin released “Free Solo,” another award-winning documentary, in 2018, filming Alex Honnold’s 2017 first rope-free climb of Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan.

Free Solo won the People’s Choice Award at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, the “Best Documentary Feature” at the 2018 Academy Award, and the “Best Documentary” category at the 2018 BAFTA Awards.

Jimmy Chin has captured several notable climbing ascents and skiing descents through his twenty-year career.

His achievements include fifteen-time one-day ascents of El Capitan, the first ascent of Shark’s Fin’s East Face, the first American descent of Mt. Everest’s South Pillar Route, Tai Yang Peak’s first climbing ascent and skiing descent, and twelve-time ski descents of the Grand Teton (one of which he narrowly survived a class-four avalanche).

Jimmy Chin Net Worth

Jimmy Chin net worth is currently estimated at $1 million, amassing this sum from a twenty-year successful climbing, skiing, and photography career. He has also endorsed brands like the North Face.

Jimmy Chin’s Personal Life

In Mankato, Minnesota, Jimmy Chin was born on October 12, 1973, to Chinese immigrants in the US; his parents worked as Liberians, inspiring his love for books.

Chin enjoyed martial arts and swimming as a child but took an interest in climbing later in life. He graduated from Carleton College with a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies, taking an interest in climbing soon after.

After Chin graduated from college, he began supporting himself with odd jobs, living in a hatchback Subaru vehicle for seven years while nurturing his climbing interest.

Chin’s decision to become a climber and photographer was met with parental displeasure; his parents believed that climbing would limit his chances to have a better life.

However, Chin would forge on to become a prominent figure in the climbing-documentary world, describing his decision as the most significant risk he’d ever taken.

Chin was introduced to photography by a good friend during one of his climbing expeditions in the Yosemite National Park, California. He would learn to use the camera and bought his own following the $500 sale of a frame he took.

Chin’s passion for photography wasn’t as natural as his love for climbing.

He described his decision to start photography as logical and rational; however, eye-catching pictures from elite photographers like Galen Rowell inspired him to push his photography limits.

Jimmy Chin Wife & Kids

Jimmy is married with two kids, Maria and James Chin. He tied the knots with American documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi in May 2013 following an encounter at a conference in 2012.

Chin and his wife co-directed “Meru,” which was released in 2015.

Jimmy Chin Philanthropy

Benevolence is a cherry on Jimmy Chin’s career success; he has contributed to several campaigns opinionated to environmental rights.

He currently offers charitable photographic services for the Conservation Alliance.

He has also partnered with the AAC (American Alpine Club) to establish an international giving resource, worked with The Access Fund to support national monument rights, and tutored masterclasses to support Tibetan wildlife and culture at the Rowell/ International Campaign.

Chin is popular among climbing fans and is on Instagram via the handle @jimmychin.


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