Olympics Climbing Team

2020 Tokyo Olympics Climbing Team

Amongst the other sports that’ll be featured in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics to be held in 2021, we’ll witness the world’s best climbers in a wide-ranging roster consisting of recognized and prospective Olympians, rock, and outdoor climbers.

Competitive climbing in the Olympics necessitates specialized proficiency regardless of the expertise in the various divisions of climbing. Climbers may have to deal with the plastic handholds and footholds on the climbing wall, tension, scores, crowds, and judges.

The 40 climbers (20 men and 20 women) that qualify for the upcoming Olympics would have sampled the elite skills, milieus, and peripheral elements clouding tournament climbing. However, they’ll be in contention to showcase their talents and flair at the Olympics.

The climbing slots aren’t filled, but we have a list of those that have qualified for the Olympics. Climbing Apex presents to you the 2020 Tokyo Olympics climbing team.

Men Olympics Climbing Team

1. Nathaniel Coleman

Country: United States

Age: 24

Instagram: @nathaniel.coleman

Nathaniel Coleman is a recognized American boulder, renowned for his consecutive triumphs at 2016, 2017, and 2018 USA Climbing’s Bouldering Nationals.

However, his skills have been proven beyond bouldering, finishing second at the USA Climbing’s Bouldering Nationals and twelfth at the World Championships’ combined discipline.

Coleman booked his Olympic place following fourth-place lead climbing finals and sixth-place finishes in speed climbing and bouldering finals. Coleman’s exhibition of strength and flexibility while climbing makes it possible for him to adapt to indoor climbing rigors.

2. Colin Duffy

Country: United States

Age: 17

Instagram: @colinclimbs

Featuring in the Olympics at 17 is quite impressive, but what’s more? Duffy’s impressive record regardless of his age — narrowly finishing fourth at the 2019 American Combined Invitational.

He also claimed the silver medal at the 2020 American Combined Invitational and qualified for the Olympics following his triumph at the Pan-American Championships.

Nevertheless, Dufy will be the youngest American Olympian at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics climbing team, making him a joy to watch. His age is a good factor, which makes adaptability and improvement easier for him.

3. Ludovico Fossali 

Country: Italy

Age: 23

Instagram: @ludovicofossali

Fossali’s most significant advantage is his speed, claiming a bronze medal at the World Cup Speed Discipline in 2019 and booking his place at the upcoming Olympics at the 2019 World Championships.

However, his best finish in other Disciplines is a 91st-place finish at the World Cup Lead Climbing. Therefore, he’ll be anticipating a podium appearance, following a mouth-watering performance at the Olympics’ Combined Discipline’ Speed Portion.

4. Kai Harada 

Country: Japan

Age: 21

Instagram: @kai_hrd

Harada has earned praises for his finger strength, which has helped him to his impressive records in the bouldering discipline. He finished second in the 2018 Bouldering World Cup event and finished eighth in the Lead Climbing World Cup event.

Harada will be relying on his finger strength to earn him victories at the Olympics finger strength since his speed isn’t equally impressive.

5. Jan Hojer

Country: Germany

Age: 28

Instagram: @janhojer

Young athletes may be quite impressive and open to new adventures, but the experience factor can’t be taken from the veteran athletes. Hojer will be one of the oldest climbers that’ll feature in the upcoming Olympics climbing team.

He has earned laurels as a boulderer but currently focuses on lead and speed climbing. Hojer will be a force to reckon with because of his dynamicity.

Besides, he has a height and reaches advantage, which makes him a multiple-medal contender.

6. Rishat Khaibullin

Country: Kazakhstan

Age: 25

Instagram: @rishat_khaibullin

Rishat Khaibullin is another speed specialist that’ll be competing among climbers. However, he can articulately compete in other disciplines, unlike Ludovico Fossali. These qualities would be essential for his success at the Olympics.

7. Alberto Ginés López

Country: Spain

Age: 18

Instagram: @albertogines_

The Spaniard had his rookie season in 2019, which was the dream start he’d dreamt of. He reached the headwall in a Lead Climbing World Cup competition and finished third at another.

López’s personality on and off the wall has earned him praise and fans’ favors despite not boasting many medals.

8. Bassa Mawem 

Country: France

Age: 36

Instagram: @lesfreresmawemofficiel

Bassa Mawem is yet the oldest climber to feature at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Nevertheless, he has enough flair and determination to win medals at the Olympics.

He topped the Speed Discipline at the 2019 World Cup and finished second in the same discipline in the 2018 World Championships. His experience on the global stage and Ninja skills will count at the Olympics.

9. Mickael Mawem

Country: France

Age: 30

Instagram: @lesfreresmawemofficiel

Bassa’s younger brother, Mickael, is a skillful all-around climber. However, he has earned more success as a boulderer.

In 2019, he claimed a gold medal at the European Championships Bouldering Event and finished 9th at a Bouldering World Cup event the same year.

Bassa and Mickael Mawem will become the first-ever and only siblings to compete at an Olympics climbing team event next year.

10. Sean McColl

Country: Canada

Age: 33

Instagram: @mccollsean

Canadian athlete being recognized by many American fans’ accounts for something. McColl has won several medals on the global stage in bouldering and lead climbing events.

However, his improvements in the speed discipline make him a model all-around climber. Besides, he is characterized by a dynamic and robust climbing style, making him a big contender at the Olympics.

11. Alex Megos

Country: Germany

Age: 27

Instagram: @alexandermegos

Megos qualification for the Olympics is primarily based on his 2019 season performance, finishing second, finishing second and third in Lead Climbing events, and 8th in the combined discipline. 

12. Tomoa Narasaki

Country: Japan

Age: 24

Instagram: @tomoa_narasaki

Narasaki is undoubtedly one of the most exciting Olympians to watch in 2021, considering his previous success.

He won the 2019 World Championships Combined Discipline and has previously won Bouldering World Cup events, finished amongst the top in the Lead Climbing World Cup Events, and ranks as a big-name speed climber.

He is considered amongst the early favorites to earn a medal at the upcoming Olympics.

13. Adam Ondra

Country: Czech Republic

Age: 27

Instagram: @adam.ondra

Ondra is one of the world’s best rock climbers and is widely considered the best climber ever.

He finished third in the bouldering discipline during his qualification run and won the lead climbing discipline despite his speed discipline struggles. He also has a height and reach advantage and is quite flexible.

14. YuFei Pan

Country: China

Age: 20

Instagram: @yfei_pan

The Chinese would be hoping to claim a medal in the lead climbing discipline as he performed in the 2019 season when he finished second at the 2019 Villars World Cup Lead Climbing Event.

Pan also finished eighth at a Bouldering World Cup Event in China. Being China’s fastest professional climber, he’s undoubtedly one of their leading all-around climbers.

15. Jakob Schubert

Country: Austria

Age: 29

Instagram: @jakob.schubert

The Austrian athlete is a World Championships’ Lead Discipline gold medalist and has won Myriad Lead Climbing World Cup Competitions.

With a career lasting over a decade, Schubert would undoubtedly deal with the Olympics’ rigors. His diversity and dynamic climbing style will also be useful.

Women Olympics Climbing Team

1. Julia Chanourdie

Country: France

Age: 24

Instagram: @juliachanourdie

Chanourdie’s career has earned a decorated career thus far despite her young age, finishing fourth at a bouldering World Cup event in 2018. She replicated success by finishing second at the Toulouse Olympic qualification event.

Her climbing experience began in her childhood, and she has a strong and skillful climbing style, so it’s fair to say she’ll be a medal contender.

2. Kyra Condie 

Country: United States

Age: 28

Instagram: @kyra_condie

Condie will be looking for a gold medal in the combined discipline since she claimed similar success at the 2018 Pan-American Championship.

She also won the inaugural 2019 Combined Invitational and booked a ticket to feature in the Olympics the same year following a seventh-place finish at the qualification event’s combined discipline.

3. Shauna Coxsey

Country: Great Britain

Age: 27

Instagram: @shaunacoxsey

Coxsey won a bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships Combined Discipline following a severe injury she’d sustained. She is a bouldering specialist capable of delivering mouth-watering results in any of the other disciplines.

Coxsey has earned widespread acclaim for her performances and is one of the most exciting climbing Olympians that’ll feature.

4. Janja Garnbret

Country: Slovenia

Age: 21

Instagram: @janja_garnbret

Janja Garnbret is a renowned rock and sport climber, which became the first-ever rock climber to win all Bouldering World Cup events in a season.

Garnbret became a six-time finalist and crowned 74 boulder problems from 78 contests in 2019. Consider her talent, laurels, and age. Janja Garnbret is undoubtedly one of the favorites going into the Olympics.

5. Iuliia Kaplina

Country: Russia

Age: 27

Instagram: @iuliiakaplina

The Russia Climber is revered as one of the best speed climbers of all time, considering her laurels on the global stage. She’ll be anticipating another medal or record, especially in the speed discipline at the Tokyo Summer Olympics climbing team.

7. Petra Klingler

Country: Switzerland

Age: 28

Instagram: @petra_klingler

Klingler won the 2016 Bouldering World Championships and became the first Swiss climber to win a gold medal in 2015, good records for an Olympic-medal contender.

8. Mia Krampl

Country: Slovenia

Age: 20

Instagram: @mia.krampl

Top-level placements at events for a 20-year old is a display of the level she’ll be if she continues to improve. Such improvements Krampl will be anticipating at the Tokyo Olympics.

If she could climb despite an injured knee during the 2019 World Cup, she’ll be a big-time contender for the Olympics climbing team.

9. Aleksandra Miroslaw

Country: Poland

Age: 26

Instagram: @ola_rudzinska

Aleksandra Miroslaw is a favorite for the speed discipline, considering several victories in previous events. She won the Speed World Championships in 2018 and won the 2018 World Championships Speed Discipline.

10. Akiyo Noguchi

Country: Japan

Age: 31

Instagram: @noguchi_akiyo

Noguchi claimed a silver medal at the 2019 World Championships, narrowly missing out on the gold medal. However, she’ll be looking to excel at bouldering, which has her best discipline.

She has a flexible climbing style that satisfactorily complements climbing physicality.

11. Miho Nonaka

Country: Japan

Age: 23

Instagram: @nonaka_miho

Nonaka’s performances at the big stage had been so good that she earned “all-time great” appraisals before a severe injury in 2018.

However, she returned to climbing action with an Olympic qualification at the 2019 World Championships. She is an adept boulderer lead climber with satisfactory speed climbing performances.

12. Jessica Pilz

Country: Austria

Age: 24

Instagram: @jessy_pilz

Pilz is a lead-climbing specialist with satisfactory performances in the combined discipline, winning the 2018 Lead Climbing World Championships and finishing third in its combined domain.

13. Brooke Raboutou

Country: United States

Age: 19

Instagram: @brookeclimbs

Brooke Raboutou became the first American climber to qualify for the Olympics in 2019 following a sixth, tenth, and seventh-place finish in speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing disciplines. 

14. Laura Rogora

Country: Italy

Age: 19

Instagram: @laura.rogora

Rogora’s career has primarily been limited to the youth stage, but with elite-level victories to account for. She won the 2018 and 2019 Youth World Championships and will be looking to replicate gold-medal triumphs in the Tokyo Olympics climbing team.

15. YiLing Song

Country: China

Age: 19

Instagram: @climber_pang

Ying Song will be anticipating a gold medal at the speed climbing discipline following an impressive world-class record, with a 7.101-second climbing time.

Nevertheless, she’ll need to defeat experienced speed climbers like Aleksandra Miroslaw and Russia’s Luliia Kaplina to claim such a feat.

16. Alannah Yip

Country: Canada

Age: 27

Instagram: @alannah_yip

Alannah Yip’s failure to earn an Olympic ticket at the World Championships and Olympic Qualifiers meant the last try at the Pan-American Championships, which she secured.

However, she’ll be looking to create the perfect success story with a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics climbing team. Her most significant strength is bouldering, but she can deliver while competing in the lead climbing discipline.


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