Rock Climbing Cost

Rock Climbing Cost: Is it a Cheap or Expensive Sport?

Everything you need to know about rock climbing costs is covered in this article, from indoor and outdoor rock climbing fees to equipment costs. Kindly read on.

When the thought of engaging in rock climbing first crossed your mind, you probably had to deal with your paranoia regarding the risks of the sports.

However, after extensively researching and reading about rock climbing, you’ll soon realize the multiple gears used in sports mitigate the risks.

While that may have helped you overcome or cope with your fear, it brought up another challenge, which may be the significant reason holding you back from exploring the thrills of rock climbing.

That challenge summed up in this question “is rock climbing cheap or expensive?” has crossed every avid climber’s mind at one point.

As a result of sponsorship from brands, top climbers have been able to bear rock climbing’s financial burden. But for climbers new to this sport, the financial burden of climbing has to be catered for by themselves without corporate bodies’ assistance.

In light of that, we’ll review rock climbing costs in this article.

Are Rock Climbing Spots Access Expensive?

The cost of climbing spots varies based on locations and the nature of climbing. Indoor climbing costs less compared to its outdoor counterpart. A climbing gym charges about $15 on average, but the amount spent rises due to equipment rented.

Overtime sending $15 each time a climber wants to make use of a climbing gym may not be economical. Climbers can then opt for a monthly gym pass, which offers limited entry within a month.

For instance, a 10-entry monthly pass would require climbers to come to the gym ten times monthly without making payment.

For climbers who often visit the gym, gyms offer more entry gym passes, which extends the number of times climbers can use the gym without extra payment.

Monthly gym passes are economical compared to daily gym pass, as they cut costs and help climbers.

An alternative to gym passes, which set limits to gym visits, are monthly or annual gym membership cards. They cost more than gym passes but give you the luxury of visiting the gyms without restrictions.

For first-time visits to indoor gyms, registration and application can be collected, which may be as high as $15.

Indoor gym expenses differ based on your visit and the subscription plan that is chosen. Outdoor rock climbing routes, however, costs more as fees are charged based on the number of times climbers visit.

However, there exist free routes, which require no payment. Indoor climbing is affordable, but outdoor climbing can be expensive, except for open outdoor climbing spots.

Gear Rentals

It’ll take a while before you buy all the gears needed for climbing for most beginner climbers. Renting equipment in gyms is thus a good option.

Climbing gyms charge as much as $3 – $7 for climbing shoe rentals alone. Climbing harness costs about the same price.

On the other hand, climbing chalk can come free or costs as much as $2 and as low as $1. But, most gyms offer chalks for free.

However, for you to save on your rock climbing cost, climbers seeking to climb regularly may have to invest in personal gear.

Personal Rock Climbing Gears Cost

Personal rock climbing gears contain a vast array of equipment, and they differ in cost based on the skill level of the climber and the nature of the climbing discipline to be carried out.

Reviewed below in rock climbing cost are the average price of each gear.

1. Climbing Shoes

Butora Endeavor/Rock Climbing Cost
Butora Endeavor climbing shoe

This gear takes much of the climber’s Budget, but not as much as some other gears. In buying a good pair of climbing shoes, quality has to be prioritized.

As a result, it’s best to do extensive research before purchasing climbing shoes (see Climbing Apex articles on best rock climbing shoes for beginners and best bouldering shoes for beginners).

Choosing the right shoe is based on a climber’s skill level. Beginner climbers can shell out about $50 – $70 on beginner shoes, while advanced climbers can spend on average between $100 – $150 on quality shoes.

2. Chalk buckets/Chalk

Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot
Chalk Bucket

As a climber regular engages in the sport, the need to own a personal chalk buckets/bag and chalk become necessary. This is, in fact, one of the most basic gears needed for rock climbing.

Chalk buckets cost between $10 – $20, while a chalk bag goes as much as $10 but as less as $5. Accompanying climbing brush is sold between $5 – $10.

3. Harness/Belay device

Rock Climbing Belay Device
Belay Device

Usually used for outdoor climbing, it’s not uncommon for a harness and a belay device to be used for indoor climbing.

A standard belay device and harness suitable for advanced climber costs between $90 – $100. But a beginner belay device costs about $30.

Climbing Harness

while a harness goes high as $70. For climbers who prefer an auto belay device, $100 will cut it.

4. Helmet and Climbing Rope

Petzl Boreo Helmet
Petzl Boreo Helmet

A must-have gear, both the helmet and climbing rope play integral roles in climbing, especially outdoor climbing. Climbing helmets with thick shells cost between $60 to $140.

Beginner climbers need basic helmets, which cost around $60.

Rock Climbing Rope

The climbing rope available is one of the most expensive, if not the most costly single rock climbing gear. They are sold for as low as $100 and as high as $300.

It’s best beginner climber consult experienced climbers before choosing the type of rope to be bought due to how expensive ropes are.

5. Quickdraws

Quickdraw Set/Rock Climbing Cost
Quickdraw Set

For climbers engaging in lead climbing, quickdraws are needed. Purchasing quickdraws in bits can be expensive, compared to be buying in sets.

One quickdraw costs $20, while a collection that contains six costs between $60 and $80. Quickdraws to be used on routes depend on the height of the route be ascended.

6. Carabiner/Cams/Nuts


For climbers engaging in advanced climbing disciplines, such as lead climbing, carabiners, nuts, and cams, will be needed. Carabiners cost about $30.

Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight
Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight

A set of Camalot (also known as a cam) goes as high as $300, while a set of nuts $50 – $100.


Summed up are the average rock climbing costs for most of what you’re most likely to need for climbing.

Rock climbing may seem to be an expensive sport for most beginners but climbers should be encouraged to get their gears as it’s beneficial in the long run than renting.


Please let us know your thoughts on our rock climbing costs in the comments section below.

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