Rock Climbing Destinations

9 Best Rock Climbing Destinations in the World

With hundreds of ideal locations scattered in every continent globally, perfect for rock climbing, rock climbers are presented with various options with different difficult grades to perfect their rock-climbing prowess.

These iconic rock climbing destinations reward climbers who take the pain of exploring their terrains and reach the summit, with some of the most breathtaking views.

Such as the calm blue sea, beautiful cities, radiating horizons with clusters of lights, nature’s dormancy, and stunning green.

Rock Climbing Destinations

The fun resides in continually traveling the world for avid climbers and conquering these rock climbing destinations’ challenging terrains.

While all rock climbing destinations in every corner of the earth have its unique attraction that has endeared rock climbers, specific climbing places come with so much grandeur, spark, and beauty that they have left climbers relishing for more.

From their tufas, challenging steeps to the incredibly beautiful view reserved for the brave’s sight, these destinations rank as one of the best rock climbing destinations in almost every climber’s top climbing destinations.

Climbing Alex takes you on an exciting adventure around every continent on the planet to present you with the top 9 best rock climbing destinations.

9. Tonsai and Railay, Thailand

Tonsai and Railay, Thailand
(Credit: 3dman_eu/Needpix)

One of Thailand’s beautiful spots that beckon to all adventure-loving climbers, Tonsai and Railay, is ideal for not just climbing but vacationing. The camaraderie among climbers is so terrific that getting a climbing partner is as easy as striking a conversation.

The allure of the sandy beach and the bar with a variety of cocktail drinks and coffee gives you a taste of civility. The climbing routes are suitable for beginners to advanced level climbers.

Overhangs filled with limestone pockets are standard features of the routes, but that shouldn’t deter beginner climbers, as several routes such as a 5.14b route are suitable for such climbers.

Wildlife such as monkeys, snakes, and scorpions are common, so climbers should check cracks for them when exploring less frequented routes. Mosquitoes also present a challenge, but the fantastic view at the summit is worth it all.

8. Rocklands, South Africa

Rocklands South Africa
(Credit: Dana Rader/Flickr)

Three hours north of Cape Town lays Rocklands, one of the best bouldering spots in Africa. For bouldering enthusiasts, Rockland is a top destination.

Famed American bouldering climber, Daniel Woods, established a bouldering route in the area, so climbers most likely will stumble across the climbing icon.

The climbing routes have a grade level that ranges from intermediate to professional. Located in an area where the emphasis on protecting nature’s gift is placed, most bouldering areas in Rockland require permits.

After getting these permits, we recommend climbers try out the Wupperthal Commonage, Agterpakhuis, and Pakhuis bouldering areas, as they hold many wonders.

7. Red Rocks, USA

Red Rocks USA
(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Like two siblings, Las Vegas and Red Rock Conservation Area have so many differences with opposite personalities. The non-stop buzz of entertainment, business, and mundane pleasure of Las Vegas bear direct contrasts to the serenity and quiescence of Red Rocks.

Red Rocks, which sits 20 miles from its disruptive sibling, is home to multiple sandstones, perfect spots for beginner and advanced level.climbers.

Multiple routes exist with single to as much as a dozen pitches ideal for sports climbing, traditional climbing, and top-roping.

The terrains of Red Rocks are so unique that climbers may have to consult the variety of climbing guides specifically devoted to ascending the technical routes of Red Rocks.

For climbers seeking to get Red Rocks wonders’ full experience, accommodation is available at the Red Rock Canyon Campground.

Still, reservations have to be made six months in advance. Often, climbers stay on the routes during the daytime, but specific routes can go into the night. For such routes, climbers have to pay a ‘late-exit fee,’ aside from the entrance fee.

6. Zermatt, Switzerland

One of Switzerland’s top tourist destinations, the Zermatt, is a technical Alpine route with glaciers at high altitudes. One of Zermatt’s most famous routes is the pyramidal-shaped Matterhorn, which is about 15,000 feet above the city.

Amazing right? Climbing this route is a challenge taken on by only advanced Alpine climbers, as it requires experience and incredible prowess. Another great route is the Riffelhorn, which gives a perfect view of the city.

For climbers seeking to tackle the Matterhorn, the Rifflehorn should be their first point of call. Monte Rosa, which sits on the left side of the Rifflehorn, is an excellent spot for beginner climbers.

Before visiting Zermatt, effective planning should be done as it’s one of Europe’s most expensive tourist destinations. Zermatt is accessible via trains only.

Mountain Huts are great for accommodation during the summer, but hotels and Airbnb residences are a convenient alternative.

Aside from climbing, feel free to ski, snowboard, and paraglide.

5. Squamish, Canada

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

One of the world’s unique climbing destinations, Squamish is home to numerous climbing adventures, which extends from various grade levels to different climbing disciplines.

Canada’s most beloved climbing destination, granite, has the right terrains for bouldering, sports climbing, and traditional climbing for beginners to advanced climbers.

Its most famous routes, dubbed Chief, is a terrific route for beginners with several accessible ascension routes.

Top bouldering routes in the area are Dreamcatcher and Cobra Crack. The Stawamus Chief Provincial Park Campground is often the go-to set for accommodation.

Still, there are no showers, often a turn off for climbers, who resort to alternatives such as Airbnb residences or hotels.

Climbers seeking to taste indoor action at the Squamish can try out the Ground Up Climbing Centre. Besides climbing, other top activities in the area include kayaking, downhill riding, mountain biking, and sailing.

4. Fontainebleau, France

Fontainebleau-France Climbing Destination
(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

For bouldering enthusiasts, the Fontainebleau is a destination that has to be explored. Fontainebleau’s vast territory, which is hailed as the birthplace of climbing the most popular discipline, bouldering, covers about 900 square miles.

The extensive area has up to 100 bouldering areas with approximately 30,000 bouldering problems. Most of these bouldering problems are filled with slopers and color-coded circuits.

Yellow circuits are explored by beginners, while orange, red and blue are left for intermediate climbers. Circuits with white and blacks are reserved for beginner climbers.

No matter how easy routes should not be underestimated as the Fontainebleau is notorious for being tricky. It is rumored that esteemed climber Adam Ondra fell from a 6A route.

Camping sites, hotels, and Airbnb spots are ideal places for accommodation. Feel free to grab one of the numerous guidebooks as you explore the Fontainebleau.

3. Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites, Italy Climbing Destinations
(Credit: kordi_vahle/Pixabay)

Long before climbing became mainstream, the Dolomites had already become a sweet climbing spot in Europe, thanks to the efforts of 17 years old, Georg Winkler, who ascended the Die Vajolettürme (The Vajolet Towers) in 1887, which helped spread rock climbing in the Dolomites.

The Dolomites are notorious for its chilling, unstable weather and fragile rocks. Climbers brave enough to undertake the challenge of ascending the Dolomites’ scary heights are rewarded with stunning views of dazzling flowers with bright colors with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop.

The Cinque Torri, a small set of towering heights, and the 3000 foot Marmolada South Face are great options to begin your conquest of the Dolomites.

Advanced options are the Cima Ovest, which houses numerous 5.14b routes, and the Tre Cime. Summertime is a perfect time for climbing, but take note that the weather condition is precarious.

Accommodations are available in campsites, guest houses, and rental apartments in neighboring towns such as La Ville, Arabba, Cortina, and several more.

Enjoy the Italian food, the breathtaking views after hiking, and ensure you see the museums.

2. Kalymnos, Greece

Kalymnos, Greece Climbing Destinations
(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Few climbing routes give climbers the liberty of experimenting with the various rock climbing techniques available. But Kalymnos ranks as one of the top destinations that give climbers freedom to perform different techniques ranging from kneebar, toe, and heel hooks to drop knees.

With over 3000 routes, Kalymnos routes have notable overhangs and slab routes. One more exciting thing about the Kalymnos is that the Mediterranean weather condition makes climbing a year-long experience.

So feel free to hop on a plane anytime and do what you know how to do best. However, during October, climbers tend to be much. During such periods, routes such as Spartacus, Arhi, Grande Grotta, and Odyssey are often crowded.

Climbers can reside in nearby villages such as Mryties, Armeos, and Masouri. Scooters are an efficient means of transportation, so you may have to rent one.

Since the Kalymnos is a beehive of tourist activities, burglary is all too common, so guard your possessions, including passports.

Enjoy your fill the Greek cuisines, Mediterranean Sea views, and try out scuba diving, snorkeling, or just put on the beach and appreciate nature’s wonders.

1. Yosemite National Park, USA

Yosemite National Park, USA Climbing Destinations
Yosemite National Park ranks as our top-rated rock climbing destination. (Credit: moniek58/Pixabay)

Not surprising, Yosemite National Park ranks as our top-rated rock climbing destination. The Park is home to the famous El Capitan rock, where Alex Honnold accomplished one of the most extraordinary feats in athletics, the first free solo ascent of the El Capitan.

Dubbed the “center of the Universe” by climbers, Yosemite houses so many rocks with incredible history. The attraction between climbers and Yosemite is an enigma only understood by those with the burning desire to conquer any height.

Its famous rocks include the 3000 foot El Capitan, the Dawn Wall, which ranks as the most formidable big wall with a grade level of 5.14d, and the Midnight Lightning, a perfect bouldering route with a V8 grade.

Grab any of the numerous guides that reveal several free routes at the Park. Follow the ethics guide to reduce the environmental impact on nature. Top accommodation spots include The Pines Campground and Camp 4, every climber’s dream to reside.

Camp 4 is thus competitive, so climbers can only hope to get a spot there. With over 4 million tourists annually, there have to be limited to climbers staying at the campsites.

The limit is often 30 days, but it runs as low as 14 days between May 1st and September 15th.

Hotels are also available. One such is The Ahwahnee Hotel, with its reputation well expressed in its expense.


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