Zion National Park, Utah

10 Best Rock Climbing Places & Spots In The U.S

The United States of America’s reputation for being the leading player in rock climbing worldwide is notable in the numerous top climbers she has produced and the several rock climbing destinations she houses.

These rock climbing places, scattered across the country, are filled with so many natural wonders that the climbing spots they harbor ranks as the least of the several attractions that frequently lead tourists their way.

Ideal for various rock climbing disciplines, from bouldering, traditional climbing to sports climbing, these routes are perfect for testing the prowess of even the most advanced rock climbers.

While most of these spots may seem terrifying and intimidating, especially to beginner climbers, the sites have some of the most welcoming routes suitable for beginners’ climbers.

Some of these spots have attained fame as a top rock climbing place/spot in America and globally.

Best Rock Climbing Places In America

The beautiful scenery at their summit and the grandeur of their tufas and steeps remains a mystery left to be unraveled by curious and adventurous rock climbers.

Climbing Apex takes you on an incredible ride across the top 10 most fantastic rock climbing places/spots in America.

10. Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park, Utah
(Credit: evilos/Pixabay)

Just adjacent to the Colorado River lies Utah’s Arches National Park, home to about 2000 sandstones. These sandstones, all-natural, extend as far as 100,000 square miles. The bright red-hued rocks are filled with balanced rocks, overhangs, stone arches, and pinnacles.

Though the terrains of Arches are challenging and often said to be reserved for advanced climbers, beginner climbers can try out some of the less rigorous routes with an advanced climber’s supervision.

In order to keep Arches rock natural, pistons are not allowed on the red-hued rocks, thus restricting climbing to free climbing. Despite this, the adventure of climbing still can be enjoyed. We recommend climbers try out the Delicate Arch in the east and the North’s Landscape Arch.

9. Shawangunk Ridge, New York

A quick look at New York’s Shawangunk Ridge would make every lover of nature appreciate Earth’s green beauty. Hidden among the endless green are various climbing routes suitable for beginner to advanced climbers.

The Shawangunk Ridge, also known as “The Gunk,” a 90 minutes drive from ever buzzing New York City, houses about 1000 climbing routes. The mix of perfectly carved climbing routes with laid back green vegetation offers climbers a good sense of nature’s affection.

At the summit, climbers are greeted with a fantastic view of the vast green extending to the horizons.

8. Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Devil's Tower, Wyoming
(Credit: TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay)

Above the Belle Fourche River is America’s first National Monument, known as the Devil’s Tower. The Devil’s tower shoots as high as 5,112 feet above sea level, a perfect spot for traditional climbing.

Viewed as a sacred spot by indigenous people, the outlook is filled with several igneous rocks with cracks that extend as much as 400 feet, making it an ideal location for crack climbing.

Unlike most rock climbing places with park services for emergency rescue calls, the Devil’s tower leaves climbers to their fate; hence advanced climbers are often at the forefront of ascending this fine rock.

Before climbers can climb Wyoming’s prized possession, registrations have to be completed.

7. Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert, Maine

Few rock climbing places in America provide the pure bliss of climbing along the coastline, just like Greece’s Kalymnos island. The 47,000-acre area is home to some of the perfect climbing spots on America’s east coast.

One such site that endears avid climber is the Cadillac Mountain, widely hailed as the first place in the country to see the sunrise (this occurs only during certain parts of the year).

The 1,530 feet granite mountain is a spot that is ideal for testing the proficiency level of even the most skilled climbers. Acadia National Park offers a stunning view of the Atlantic oceans at the summit of its multiple heights as it extends to the horizon.

If you’re lucky, you probably get a sneak peek at the seabirds and whales that reside in the surrounding waters, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

6. Leavenworth, Washington State

In the backdrop of Leavenworth’s Bavarian-style village lies the snow-capped Cascade mountain, which houses ideal climbing spots for bouldering and any other climbing fascinations, climbers can pull off.

Some of the notable climbing spot Leavenworth houses include the 34-acre Peshastin Pinnacles State Park, which harbors sandstones slabs, with the several pitch challenges it presents and the fantastic view apex.

5. Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah
(Credit: srkcalifano/Pixabay)

This Park is a mix of red cliffs, stunning green shrubs, forest trails of the Virgin River, and the Emerald pool’s fantastic scenery, which houses a garden and a waterfall. Zion National Park is a paradise for nature lovers and rock climbers; the red cliffs are promise land.

As beautiful and attractive, its red sandstone’s steeps may be, ascending Zion National Park cliffs are no small task. Though routes exist that beginners can try, the real deal, reaching the summit of these sandstones, requires great skill.

But the beautiful scenery at the summit is worth the troubles of ascending the rigorous steeps.

4. Joshua Tree National Park, California

California has its fair share of incredible rock climbing places/spots. One of the most visited places in the state lay elegantly in the 1,235 square miles, Joshua National Park.

The Park, which was designated a National Park in 1994, is home to 8,000 routes, each uniquely designed that climbers employ various techniques during ascension.

A significant factor in which the spot’s popularity can be attributed is the abundance of multiple routes suitable for beginner climbers and bouldering enthusiasts.

Aside from these, the Park houses bolted routes, ideal for lead climbing, and perfect granite slabs for traditional climbing. A top climbing location, climbing in one of California’s most beloved Parks goes uninterrupted even during winter.

3. Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Perfectly designed to fit the climbing urges of climbers of all proficiency levels, Kentucky’s Red River Gorge is a rock-climbing hotspot. With over 1600 climbing routes filled with arches and overhangs, Red River Gorge beckons to every climber.

Mixed with natures stunning green, climbing in Red River Gorge with perfect humid weather is totally on point. While ideal spots exist for beginner climbers, the most challenging features a sharp overhang, which will probably make Adam Ondra think twice, earned the spot a beehive for sports and traditional climbing.

2. Red Rocks, Nevada

Red Rocks USA, Rock Climbing Places
(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Considering the proximity between Red Rocks, a true testament of nature’s esthetics, and Las Vegas, which reveals the heights of humankind’s diligence. You’ll probably wonder how both locations with extreme contrasts sit close to each other.

Red Rocks provides bewilderment on every first-time visitor adding to their heightened thrills. Filled with numerous finely carved sandstones, Red Rocks is home to notable climbing spots suitable for climbers of all level and climbing disciplines.

At the summit of some of Red Rock’s most famous heights, such as the over 8000 feet La Madre Mountain, lies the indescribable stunning view of sleepless Las Vegas, one of the several attractions lure about two million tourists to the spot annually.

1. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, Rock Climbing Places
Yosemite National Park ranks as our top-rated rock climbing destination. (Credit: moniek58/Pixabay)

Few Parks in America can compete with Yosemite for the top rock climbing places/spots in the country and the world. The 1200 square miles park, which has attained a legendary place in rock climbing destinations globally, has seen several top climbers flock to its doorstep.

One such climber is American climber Alex Honnold, who free climbed its famous 3000 feet El Capitan big wall, which drew attention to the vast array of perfect climbing routes it houses.


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